What do you need when you have a crisis pregnancy?

When faced with a crisis pregnancy and you dont know know what to do; you need trustworthiness, a good listener, non-manipulative, accepting, truthful,person without an agenda who keeps confidence and will not judge your circumstance.You need someone who is genuine and not trying to be someone they are not, a person of integrity; You need someone who is accepting and can show you unconditional love regardless of your past decision or your choices. You need someone who has a servants heart and is truly willing to help you; give you correct information, support you and let you make an informed decision. You need instruction for possible solutions.

Our goal at Tomorrow’s Hope is all the things you need. We aim to reach out and offer hurting people our full attention, give you honest answers and factual information so you can make an informed decision. It’s not about our agenda but about whats best for you.

You are seeking pregnancy confirmation and we are hear to give you just that and to help you with what you  need to  do next,  not force you into making a hasty decision that you’ll regret down the road.

Crisis Pregnancy

Every crisis pregnancy is unique. Yet there are always certain emotions that seem to be common. Emotions such as fear, desperation, anger, loneliness, unbelief, abandonment…….Stop tack a breath and talk to someone who is not in the middle of the situation who can be objective and give you clear advice and choices that you can think about. You don’t have to make a decision today.

There be some positive feelings hidden there as well but not as freely coming to the surface…….joy, excitement.

The definition of a crisis is one in which someone feels they can’t deal with what is happening. Its what happens within a person. Its not external. It’s what takes place as a response to what is happening. During crisis we go through the same steps that we go through when we are grieving.

1. Anger 2. Denial 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance

It doesn’t have to be big, but we make it bigger by trying to make quick decisions. Remember the decision you make will last you a lifetime.

At the clinic we give you the time you need to make an informed decision and we are there to encourage and support you once you make a decision. Its not our decision to make.

Are you experiencing a crisis? Call us and let us help



An unexpected pregnancy

An unexpected pregnancy can bring a lot of changes, and a lot of up and down emotions all within moments of getting a positive pregnancy test. It can also bring on a lot of undue stress and pressure from people around us trying to give us well intended advice. There’s options to consider but we don’t have to make an immediate decision. There is time.

Before you make any life changing decisions you  need all the facts without pressure, preaching or more guilt. You need solid information from a trusted source that is not directly involved. You need to be able to make a sound decision on what to do next.

Stop, take a long deep breath and just breathe.Take a moment to realize that you’re not the first woman to face this issue. There’s a lot of help out there for you from women who’ve been there…..and from people who care about you, will give you unbiased information and who will support you through whatever decision that you make. It’s your future not anyone else’s.

Broken people

It is not the healthy that seek a Doctor but those that are sick physically or emotionally. Everyone on this earth has dealt with some kind of hang-up, hurt or bad habit in some form or fashion as a member of the human raise. None of us are immune. Some of these things we bring on ourselves and some of our hurts are caused by others. Happiness and joy is possible but we each have to choose to attack the issue head on and make some changes. We have to learn to take responsibility for our choices and choose to respond accordingly in order to fix things.We all need fellowship and accountability.  If you are ready to make some healthy choices and begin to heal from some of the past choices then you have come to the right place. We would love to be able to help you, whether its from an addiction, post-abortion trauma, domestic violence,abuse, depression, sexual addiction, infertility. Tomorrow Hope is here t help you. We offer non-judgemental compassion and unconditional love.  731-642-0600